Learning by Doing Impact Evaluation Research

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This programme targets young impact evaluation researchers who aspire to inform decision making with research and evidence.

Impact evaluation is an approach that seeks to assess the changes that can be attributed to a particular intervention which may include projects, programs or policy.

Impact evaluation research therefore seeks to answer the question of what could have been the outcome without the intervention. The changes attributed to any intervention maybe intended or unintended but they are all important in evaluating the impact of the programme. Impact evaluation promotes evidence-based policy making by providing information on what works and what doesn’t.

At IERD we believe that a Learning by doing approach is the best in equipping young researchers in practical research skills for evidence based research. We expose our research mentees in our ongoing projects as well as proposal writing for new research projects. The broad goal is to support skills transfer that will influence public policy.

At IERD, we believe that research promotes evidence based decision making and we encourage all our mentees to invest time in the Learning by doing Impact Evaluation (LearnIE) research programme


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